UK Standards

The UK should start to gain standards for itself, that are recognised both home and abroad.

This should start with a review of the Criminal Justice system, placing people rather than property at its heart, Government is confusing tolerance with being an "easy touch" if we are to have a “big society” then it is more important than ever for there to be a over arching set of standards and lines drawn.

This Government should take the opportunity to send out the message that whilst the UK is fair, it will not tolerate crimes against the person.

Why does this idea matter?

It is self evident that UK residents have little faith in the Criminal Justice system as it stands, it is the current perception and in many cases the reality that child rapists for example are treated more leniently than bank robbers when no injuries occur………I could go on.

Is this really the Country that we want? As I said at the beginning, it is time that the UK developed some standards for itself and started a conversation about consequences.


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