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undo the damage of the crime and punishment reform

Comment 1st July 2010


several years ago the crime and punishment bill was "reformed" to remove a bunch of well used and effective punishements from the statute books, in addition the powers of police officers and courts to award such punishments were reduced or removed.


we should revise this action adn put them back, we need tougher pysical punishments regiems for criminals not the softer fluffier ones we as a nation have been left with.

Why does this matter?

there are too many people commiting crimes, laughing at the weak sentances and continuing on to do far worse.


if some yob gets caught desecrating a public place or monument they should be treated accordingly with lashes of a whip as well as labour time (community service) to clean up there mess or damage, not told off given a punitive fine (which most dont even pay) or commited to a holiday camp.

a few years ago prisoners were made to do hard time, be that breaking rocks or digging ditches etc, this should be brought back, this would give people pause for thought when it comes to deciding wether or not to commit a crime, instead right now most people dont care because there goign to some holiday inn where there rewarded for there crimes with further education (something a lot of law abiding citizens cant get ordinarily) satelite or cable TV and games consoles etc etc.


we need proper reforms in this country backwards to the way things were, criminals should have limited or no rights not more rights than there victims, they should be kept in horrible conditions not nice warm cozy hotel rooms.


we need this because right now it costs more than £30,000 a year to lock someone away, and when there locked up there not paying there debt to society they are meerly marking time untill release at which time more than 50% reoffend.


perhaps it would be a good idea to follow the examples we see which work in america, people dont want to reoffend there, there scared of prision time because there conditions are harsh, and we need to do the same things here in the uk in order to save society from devolving further into lawlessness, the cycle of fluffy thinking needs to be shown the door and common sense should be ushered back in, make them pay for a change instead of us paying more

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