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Unfair exclusion because of tax evasion.

Comment 16th July 2010

I grew up in the channel island of Jersey, I lived there for ten years as a child age 5-15, and moved back to the mainland to do my nurse training. however I am excluded from moving back over there because it is a tax haven, if my parents had stayed there I would have had residential rights. I once tried to work over there as a community nurse, but during the interview I told them about the quality and audit work I was doing here for our health authority and I was rejected for being overqualified and they thought I would be bored. As a nurse I don't have the required funds to go as a tax evader. I believe this is an unfair exclusion I am free to move anywhere else in the UK that  i might wish to – but not to Jersey which is part of the UK.

Why does this matter?

Freedom should be the same all over the UK

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