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Unify the way Councils operate and deal with matters across the country

Comment 6th July 2010

Making the way Councils operate the same, regardless of where one lives within the country.

Why does this matter?

For the past few years I have had reason to complain to my local Council about neighbouring allotments bruning household waste. My Council does not think this is anything to be concerned about, albeit I live in an "Environmental City of the Year", it is illegal to burn household waste, it's eco-unfriendly and potentially dangerous.

Different attitudes and policies are in place with various Councils. From outright bonfire bans to restrictions – the whole spectrum. It would be so much better to unify practices and not have this autocratatic mish-mash depending on ones postcode – just as we have with the NHS. Furthermore I am concerned about how Councils have the power to play trickery on their customers and "fob them off".

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