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United Kingdom? A disjointed disunited uncivilisation?

Comment 12th August 2010

How can the government, trying to restore and heal our sick society, hope to suceed when other factions of the society seem determined to DISunite the population. How can we all work together towards one goal when, for example, the Metropolitan Police are issuing broadcasts designed to pit neighbour against neighbour. Moreover: slapped on the fingers by the Advertising Standards Authority, they simply produce a different but similar broadcast. Add to this the innumerable reports of Police Brutality and other agencies "shop your neighbour" ideologies the government don't have a chance to my mind.

   colloquially speaking " Lets all shop each other and cause chaos!"

There are plenty of good honest people in Britain….they are the roots of the tree…and it is my understanding that the word civilisation basically means being civil to one another. Use TRUST and let this flourish . In the meantime questions needs to be asked about the calibre and intelligence of our police forces 

Why does this matter?

To build a new and better society

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