University tuition fees

Bearing in mind the ridiculous amount of money that students pay for their higher education, and the amount of money that universities are earning in total, I think that tuition fees should be re-analysed! Tuition fees, instead of being fixed, should reflect the amount of lecturer-led tuition and marking time.

Furthermore, in the business sector…I think that businesses who want to employ university graduates should pay a proportion of the graduate's tuition fees….as the business benefits from the graduate's skills gained through higher education.

Why does this idea matter?

As it stands, students have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to enter higher education. When looking at how much money we pay for our education in relation to how many hours we are being tutored, the fee is extortionate! I paid £3 250 this year for university, for 72 hours of tuition, 8.5 hours of tutorials, 6 assignments and a 1 hour exam, and 51 days placement working 9 until 5 (placement that I don't get paid for, might I add, unlike the post graduate students…I'll address that in another post). So that's £40 an hour (not including the placement, or marking time)!!! Where is the justice in that!?! What is more, when considering that this year at my university there were around 480 students on my course alone (120 in each of the four years)…so that's £1, 560, 000 earned just for my course. Where is that money going!?!

This means that when students leave this education, they are at a huge disadvantage economically, because they are wracked with debt…they are in an even worse position to get onto the property ladder (which is difficult enough as it is), and struggling with day-to-day spending on food, rent and so on. Yes, I know that higher education results in higher pay, but with taxes this is still not a lot of money when first starting out…bigger benefits are reaped later on in your career.

This is no incentive for students to enter higher education. We should be encouraging this, as it is these people who are our doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, psychiatrists…you get the idea. There are people in Britain who would do this country proud in working in these sectors, but who are not in this financial position to do this.

This needs to change!

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