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Unused Police Resources

Comment 21st July 2010

There is a wealth of experienced and skilled retired police officers, Many still in their fifties. These people could be used on an ad hoc basis using a database of available skills.

As a retired officer I can see massive savings, particularly during major investigations, where this pool of experience could be invaluable for statement taking, house to house enquiries, etc..

Major enquiries consume financial rersources far more quickly than general police work.

I  am sure that each town could have a small pool of such resources resulting in savings of thousands each. You need only check overtime bills for the average murder to see the costs involved. This is not including everyday statement taking.

I accept there would be a cost, but not the equivalent of using a police officer. This would,of course, free up police officers for enquiries that by nature, require the skils, abilities and powers of serving police officers. 

Why does this matter?

Financial savings would be considerable.

Existing resources used more effectively.

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