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Unwanted flags in the North of Ireland

Comment 5th August 2010

I would like legislation brought into force relating to the flying of flags in the North of Ireland. I cannot understand why it is considered to be insulting to minorities, in particlar people from other ethnical/cultural backgrounds, to fly the Union Jack in other parts of the UK, yet in the north of Ireland hundreds of Union Jacks, scottish flags, flags containing loyalist paramilitary emblems etc are erected in hundred of ares over the marching season and remain in place for at least 6 months of the year (usually until the wind blows them down). Why is it that this can happen in 'Northern Ireland' where people are actually celebrating the defeat of Catholics, and is done mainly in triumphalism, yet in England there is legislation in place to protect those from OTHER nations? Why should Catholics as UK citizens not be protected againt this form of triumphalism and why should we be subjected to months of feeling inferior because of the victory of a 15th century King?

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because if we are truely to move together towards a shared future then there is no place for this type of public showing of triumphalism. Why should my children be subjected to the same kind of rasicm that my generation experienced? What should I tell my children when they ask why all the flags are there or what does 'UVF' mean or why the scottish flags? This kind of public showing does nothing but breed hatred and tension between 2 communities that are supposed to be trying to build a new, shared future. I am not totally opposed to the Orange celebrations as a whole – although why they should be allowed to march down Ardoyne is beyond me – and to a point i do understand that they need to be allowed to celebrate their heritage, but when the Union Jack is so offensive to Nationalists (as is the burning of the tricolour on bonfires that is supposed to symbolise peace between catholics and protestants) why is it allowed to be flown on such a massive scale in the north of Ireland? Why is there not legislation in place to protect the minorities, that would bring it in line with the rest of the UK?  Nationalists have taken great steps towards a shared future, but if the next generation i.e. my children are to grasp this shared future there is no place for this level of triumphalism. For god sake, for the sake of the children, take steps to protect them from this hatred

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