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Update Intestacy Laws

Comment 6th September 2010

Update this law.

Allow natural heirs – by birth, marriage or cohibitation – to inherit from their parents/widows estate where no Will has been registered. 

Remove the effective obligation for citizens with the simplest  financial affairs to make their own Will.

Why does this matter?

The existing intestacy laws are out of date. 

Loads of people are being pushed to make their own Will when they should not.  Others potentially lose out (or their family do) when they die because they di not make a Will and the intestacy laws give their inheritance to distant relatives.

Making inheritence rules reflect modern society and family life will reduce the need for everyone to make a Will and simplify the adminstration of estates. Solicitors can then focus on clients who have complex affairs, run businesses or need care arrangements for their survivors. Not expect a person with one bank account, a handful of chattels, no children and just one partner to draw up this binding legal document, which maythen need updating every year or so.

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