upholding the Nuremburg Code to protect human rights in the UK

I require all MPs regardless of position to be mindful of the laws protecting every individual including themselves under the Nuremburg Code. 

Central Government policy has ignored the rights of every individual in the UK to refuse under Human Rights Laws in accordance with the Nuremburg code any attempt by any individual regardless of position or title to remove the Human right of any individual, to refuse medical intervention by any individual without prior consent of that individual.

Ignorance of the law is no protection under the law. Intervention on mass is against Human rights and I site fluoridation programs forced against the public will as unlawful under the Nuremburg code.

Sales deceptions by pro fluoridation groups of this bogus practice toward millions of individuals who have never been consulted should be a case in question and the attitude of the strategic health authorities who have ignored the no to fluoridation vote in Hampshire in 2009. Is a stark example that the Nuremburg code is ignored at the expense of every individual affected who has never been consulted and is subjected to this method of intervention without choice.

Human rights violations on this issue has run on for decades and it is the intention of the current establishment to expand fluoridation. Given the failure of the strategic health authorities by ignoring public opinion  rejecting fluoridation programs. The strategic health authority members have shown an alarming level of dictatorship in its manner and opinion resulting in a court case action against them. I request that Human rights on this issue be upheld and the establishment responsible for Human rights abuses on this issue be investigated for and on behalf of every individual who's Human rights have been ignored on this very important issue .

Under the Nuremburg Code I can not make a decision on what any individual  must take as a medicine or can I intervine in any way that removes his/her freedom of choice on any health benefit.

It is a fact that the clasification and listing of a medicine must go through extensive research before it can be used on the public and only then can it be prescribed to the individual, the individual remains in control and can choose to take or not to take.

How do you class chemicals known to be toxins and then used for a ""health benefit""  on millions of people, by placing it in our life line the very water we drink !

I call it gross neglect and removal of Human rights.

I want my Human rights back under Laws that are upheld by those placed in a position of trust to do the correct thing.

Repeal all laws related to water fluoridation that have breached Human rights laws and forced fluoridation onto millions of individuals without choice.

Why does this idea matter?

My idea is very important because millions of individuals have had Human rights removed from them for decades in the UK. on this issue.

It is clear that the strategic health authorities are determined to continue this practice of ignoring Human rights and civil liberty.

The public purse has been opened to them to fight a court case to fight against public opinion, plus vast public funds are available to them to further push this agenda forward to uphold a government policy backed up by the current secretary of state for health and our current prime minister. 

For any person to still have the illusion that we are ruled by democratic persons in our governments is exactly that an "" ILLUSION""

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