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URGENT Stop Dover Port From Being Sold !!!

Comment 31st August 2010

If the government had any sense you wouldn't allow our ports or airports  to fall into foreign hands or have  because this undermines our National Security. Surely you could back British firms to put bids in for these contracts.



Why does this matter?

National Security and Immigration is bad enough as it is, but if you allow the ports and airports to be sold off to foreign firms, the business owners may not be as interested in illegal immigrants or smuggling due to the fact that it doesn't do their own nation's interest any harm.

How do you expect British people to have any pride when the government allows anything within Britain to be up for 'Britain's Sale of The Century'  with the British People's  rights being ignored?

If this sale is allowed to go ahead, then don't be surprised if we have more and more security breaches at our ports, with terrorists having easy access due to the fact they terrorists won't get stopped by foreign nationals controlling our borders.

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