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Use of ethnic minorities in council/public sector advertising

Comment 5th July 2010

Monitiring of over use of ethnic minorities in council / public sector literature

Why does this matter?

If you came from abroad to Birmingham and were handed a selection of council leaflets you would not know that the population is still predomiantly white english.

if there are photos of 10 people in a leaflet then 9 will be ethnic minorities and one token white person. This isnt about not wanting ethnic minorities to be used. They are a large percentage of the population and should be represented but not at a rate that is far greater than the make up of the population.

There is an advert on the back of the buses in Birmingham about reading with your children at home. The stupidity of the council officials is that the father is asian the child is blond haired and white. This stupidity is being done with my council tax money yet no one will liten if you try to complain as you are branded a racist.

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