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use of referenda on national issues for true democracy.

Comment 8th July 2010

Issues of great importance to the individual and thus of national importance on which the electorate has not been consulted in any meaningful  manner should be considered as fitting subjects for referenda.

The proposed switch-off of analogue radio and its imposition (as that is what it is) should be one of the first subjects to be publicly determined.   The imposition of this punitive piece of legislation is by diktat – not by consent.  Those who insist that we will all come round in the end will pay the price of considerable and legitimate disquiet especially as the promises of this new administration have started so hopefully in terms of seeking consensus on key issues rather than the confrontation we have become accustomed to under the last apoloy for a government.

In my household we have a hifi stack including an intergral FM radio;  an  fm radio with disc player and tape player incorporated; two car radios, three other radios and one DAB radio.  The later is a nightmare to tune and for various  other problems which make it a nuisance rather than a benefit.    How am I to be compensated for having to compulsorily to replace all of these items?  What about old people who simply will not understand how to use digital radio (not because they are witless but because it can be very complicated to set up and retune.)  The whole idea is a waste of money; a waste of our time and a waste of national resources. in these troubled times.  Get real and give us all a vote on this issue.  Please!

Why does this matter?

WE need to know and to see that our government is of the people for the people and by the people for the first time in centuries.    The new govement has a once and only chance of actually making this happen through a transparent and honest system of listening; learning and being concerned on the issues that affect its voters and reacting accordingly..  Don't blow it when you've already made a promising star.

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