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Use techniques from the private sector in the justice system

Comment 25th July 2010

It is common practice in the private sector to use outsourced suppliers to provide services that are non-core for the organization in question. In particular off shored suppliers can offer very attractive  in terms of price and contractual performance. 

The public sector should identify areas where the private sector can come in and assist and provide efficiencies via process and technology innovation. 

In particular large elements of the criminal justice system would benefit from these innovations. For example off-shoring offender management services to China would yield vast savings to the public purse. For example, currently managing a life term offender costs approximately £200,000 per year for 40 years. The Chinese system can manage this offender for as little as $10 (total cost) and in addition process expertise can yield revenue opportunities from the side effects of the process (cornea, kidneys, skin). Alternatively there are substantial revenue opportunities from young offender institutions (trainers, footballs, personal services to party officials and so on).

As an alternative option, offender management could be conducted on British Territory overseas, for example, South Georgia offers a large amount of potential work opportunities and appropriate accommodation could be sourced from large commercial suppliers such as B&Q. Solid larch lap sheds are lightweight and flat packed can be easily transported for offender lead assembly.  

Why does this matter?

Public finances must be rebalanced. 

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