Use this site to canvas opinion BEFORE Bills are written

I'm not asking for more referenda, but the last thirteen years proved conclusively that without sufficient consultation, really bad laws have been introduced and forced through because of the FPTP system. Consequently, under New Labour, we've seen a catastrophic number of laws which have resulted in unintended consequences.

I propose that this site be continued throughout this Parliament and be used to pursue crowd-computing testings of proposed Bills while still in their embryonic stages. This will help insure against unintended consequences, help foresee problems in implementation of those Bills, and generally be tested against public opinion in a truly democratic fashion.

I do not propose that the Government slavishly follows its feedback, but at least better-written Bills are likely to result, for the benefit of everyone and for the better quality of Bills being passed. We want to engage with politics, so let us. Editors of newspaper do not represent public opinion.

Why does this idea matter?

We must break from the past thirteen years and produce better-drafted Bills using public consultation, not newspaper editors' opinions.

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