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Comment 13th August 2010

Since all utilities, i.e. water, gas, electricity.. are now (2010) considered a basic human necessity (right0, and they should therefore have some particular enforceable regulations. 

As proposed, utility bills should not be more then 3% of the expandable income, while now charged at a rate way above this, i.e. 300%.

Every person uses a basic amount as a daily necessity and at 3% of the expandable income, an adequate amount, but anything beyond this quota may incur a higher rate.

There are no laws to regulate this, while theft seems to be no more then a very relative term.

Why does this matter?

While a proper standard is estimated to cost £15,000 per year per person, many do not earn this amount, but most of their living expenses are based on this favorable income.

This lack of finances leaves many people paying to much for basic needs and creates stresses that adversely influences the lives of people in general.

There are financial and economical standards for billing charges of this type, but there are no laws regulating these; as if even a basic human right is no more then a luxury and can be taken advantage of this way. 

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