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Variable / Time bounded speed limits

Comment 18th July 2010

I am all in favour of sensible speed limits such as 20mph outside schools, paricularly at peak periods when hoards of  mothers with limited driving ability are turning up in their enormous, petrol guzzling 4×4's  to drop off their precious little darlings. 

However, when I am passing the same school at 2 in the morning and there is not a living thing to be seen, why the hell do I need to crawl past at 20MPH. If the only other living thing   around was a policeman I'm sure he wouldn't use any discretion if I exceeded the 20MPH limit.

We can do it on motorways so why can't we apply the same technology outside schools etc.

Let's apply some common sense and set the speed limit to specific times when the risk is high, not for 24hrs a day !!!!!!!!

Why does this matter?

Perhaps the motoring public would have more respect for the law if it was seen to be applied in a sensible manner and not in a way which simply gives the police a reason to prosecute  simply because they can.

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