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VAT – The Only Tax!

Comment 5th July 2010

Why not charge VAT on absolutely everything and raise the level of it to 100%?

Then we could abolish all other forms of taxation. No more income tax; goodbye IHT; farewell CGT; so long corporation tax.

If any money was left in the government coffers at the end of each year everyone in the country could each be paid a Christmas National Dividend every 25th December.

And use plastic (cards) as the only form of money – get rid of notes, coins and cheques.

Why does this matter?

a) The amount of time and money spent coming up with ever more complicated systems of taxation would go. The new system would be so simple that we could run it with a fraction of the current staff and fire almost everyone working for HMRC – think of the savings to be made!

b) Think of the dangers to our health as we constantly move unwashed notes and coins from person to person under the current system.

c) Think of the trees destroyed to make cheque books and notes – all that would stop!

d) When you were told you were going to earn £8,000 a year  or £24,000 a year or whatever, you really would – none of it would be taken off you at source.

e) Rich people couldn't do what they do at the moment and pay a clever accountant to help them to avoid their tax. They spend more so they'd contribute more tax to help our schools and hospitals – and for us all to get drunk on once a year when we got our Christmas Dvividend!

f) We wouldn't need to be making all those horrible cuts to free school meals and child benefit and the electric car project et c. that we are at the moment: we could pay for everything! Hoorah!

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