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Vienna Declaration – International movement towards drug policy based around scientific evidence & the principle of harm reduction. UN / ICSDP

Comment 15th July 2010

It's plainly obvious that this website has already been restricted in terms of its effectiveness at restoring our liberty. Mr. Clegg has already pointed out that in our democracy, majority doesn't rule. Instead he rules the majority and therefore he'll only act on submitted Idea's that fit his skewed agenda.

Therefore, time to take responsibility for our own freedom and liberty as this government seems as pathetic as the last in terms of it's ability to protect the public and ensure freedom, justice and liberty for all.

So, my Idea is while we campaign here, please also go and support the international effort to reform drug policy, spearheaded by the UN. Please go and sign this international declaration:

Why does this matter?

This Idea's important because  this government probably cannot be trusted to fulfil its promise to the people as boldly stated in the introduction to this site. I quote, "The Coalition Government is committed to restoring and defending your freedom". Ha, some hope!

Therefore, we should take matters into our own hands. As the UK is tied to the UN International Policy in subjects like drug policy, perhaps we should all be throwing our weight behind the upcoming UN Declaration linked to above.

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