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Vignette for Foreign drivers on our Roads.

Comment 20th July 2010

Having spent time in Switzerland this year, and duly paying the fee for our Vignette to travel on their roads, it occured to me that they have got it right, and us so very, very wrong.

  Here we are, desperately trying to dig our way out of debt, and yet  we are missing out on this potential revenue provider for the country.

  There are dozens of continental vehicles pouring off ferries and the Eurotunnel everyday, onto our roads…free of charge. Why can't we charge we were charged in Switzerland, for the pleasure and convenience of using our roads? If there is a good reason why not, I will be interested to hear it.

Why does this matter?

As a country, we are all being asked to tighten our belts, and help to dig us out of the national debt. Here I believe, is a good, and substantial revenue provider for the government, that won't inflict further pain on U.K. residents, who already pay road fund licences,

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