Voting from overseas.

It is impossible to vote from overseas under the present restrictions that only allow voting papers to be sent out 10 days before the election date.

Living in Australia it takes 4/5 days to get here and the same to return!

I don`t want to appoint a proxy – why should I – so please consider a change which surely is not difficult, if there is a will.

I propose that voting papers be sent out, for those overseas, a month before the election date.

An alternative is to allow time for the return of the votes and not declare results for say 2 weeks after the election!

We should not be dis-enfranchised.


Why does this idea matter?

At present most of those living overseas are dis-enfranchised because of the `ten day` rule.

That is absolutely wrong and I ask that action be taken to rectify this.

In `my idea` above I have suggested two options.

In hope,


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