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Wake the government up to the need for secure communications!

Comment 12th August 2010

Firstly I understand that the government are STILL using IE6. Secondly I understand that the plans to upgrade all BT (particularly rural) lines are now on the back burner.I get the impression that there is a lack of understanding of just how insecure and rife with undesirables IT can be.When Obama came to power he stressed the urgent need for more cohesive security in the IT sector….little seems to have been heard or done since…and zero certainly in the UK…Why are we using an American system that focuses on "sharing". Why must we use Japanese built PC's preloaded with aborrhent software?  Its no good chasing up young hackers to punish them when we are using systems that encourage hacking exploits. And its no good giving the public training in spreadsheets and emails when everyman and his dog can get into their PC's. 

Why does this matter?

Because the majority of British PC's are insecure. (My own because I am on a poor rural connection that drops from time to time and thus allows a millisecond for "the nasties" to get in)


   .Because it seems absurd to me that BT (although split by the monopolies commission some years ago)still in effect has the monopoly. Because secure communications are VERY IMPORTANT and currently using a PC is as secure as lighting a bonfire on a hilltop beacon to let the neighbours know the Romans are coming.

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