My daughter, aged 23, English with NI numbers and everything, is doing an OU course.  They insist she sends a certified copy of her passport.  It should be made illegal for institutions to ask English UK citizens with existing NI numbers and a passport and a picture ID and a picture driver's licence, to further get a certified copy of their passport signed by a doctor, policeman or lawyer etc.

This is an unnecessary expense to the public and a waste of professional's time.  I don't say it should be a law, but it should be a directive to all UK institutions that where someone already has a police check, or a UK passport or a picture driver's licence, or any combination, that should be enough.  I'm sure anyone can get anyone to vouch and state they are a professional, are all of these bits of paper checked through thoroughly anyhow? What all those millions of them?  I doubt it. I expect they just go on a file to say box ticked.  HOW STUPID.

I understand, with the risk of terrorism that foreign students should be put to stronger proofs, but this is a bit of lunacy.  How many students, how much doctor's time?  Ridiculous.

Why does this idea matter?

doctors should be doing clinical work not signing bits of passport papers.

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