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waste of time and public money – again -losing a carers allowance

Comment 22nd August 2010

if i am a carer on a carers allowance i can on top of my allowance earn up to £100 without losing the benefit but if i earnt £101 i WOULD LOSE THE BENEFIT thus making it financially a weird situation in that there is a point where i cannot work more than one more hour without it being financially a burden – yet the extra income is within the other hours outisde the 36 hours i care and also the extra money goes to top up on carer fees which we do not get help with because the medical assesment for care is that your elderly/person must be unable to do a thing, and care is much bigger than personal hygiene.  The family member who helps their loved one or parent is further penalised because as a the family member who helps they are the most likely to suffer from loss of earnings and loss of pension whereas other family members who dont help at all and carry on working have no obligagtions to help and no penalisation.  There is even an insane idea that you can offset this carers penalty by being costed against the unifiorm of your job or its expenses so as a tutor for a fe college i sent in the cost of the insurance and crb check – whcih shamelessly this govt is forcing via the inappropriate use of agency protocol national to staff all fe posts – making tutors effectively "pay for the college's insurance and college's responsibility to do a CRB.  HYou can offset costs against the income and this is also insane as i was asked by a carers benefit officer when i became self employed and had i registered with tax for this…i said i had simply tried to add 2 hours work to our huge depletion of our savings as none of the benefits actually met our real costs of living and certain ly not for £16 per hour private carer costs.  it was an ironic situation that i was bein forced to suppliment the fe sector which is already highly subsidised with my taxes, and then forced into beign "self employed" in order to keep the public sector fe job and govt benefit system ….it is disgustging – just give a carer a suppliment and be done with it – the waste of public money on keeping a carers benefit office looking up this bunkum and sending in piddling costs for my job is pointless and useless when one realises that the internet and phone bill cost more to hold an fe tutor job than they pay or the carers allowance did togehter or seperateyl   and when i tried to go to uni, becuase they did not have a parttime course for me and forced me to fulltime then i lost all carers benefit despite the facgt my elderly loved one was still getting my care – and still more than the 36 hours of the benefit….the old person didnt die or just stop needing my care just becuase I went to uni and does it surpise you that i dropped out after 2 weeks as there was no one to help me take the oap to hospital …..

Why does this matter?

why do you bother to have a rule that inhibits carers from adding income to their already stretched finanjces? and why stop studnets who care from benefit?

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