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wasting NHS money on G.P surgeries open 8am 8pm 7days

Comment 26th July 2010

Stop the 8 till 8  7 days a week   and  have a proper walk in service at the local  hospital with a salaried Dr's NOT locums.

Why does this matter?

I work In G.P surgery that is open from 8am till 8pm 7 days a week, the money that it costs to run this service  which from what I have seen is NOT needed, this service is run by locum Dr's at £350.00 an hour which  works out to £618,000,  a year   plus reception costs.  Patients that use this service either come in to collect  their prescription (which they could have done  in normal hours)  or the morning after pill or for a sore  throat !!!!!    This is NOT  cost affective  and just a waste of money that could be better spent…. PLEASE  let's bring back some common sense !!!!!

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