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Water Fluoridation should be Abolished

Comment 3rd July 2010

I believe as do many thousands of people in Britain that our civil liberties have been removed by Governments over past decades,  By the intervention of an aparent health benefit to prevent tooth fillings to a very small group of individuals in our society.

I beleive as do the whole of the European communities who have banned the practice, that this intervention is a health hazard, Britain is the exception to that rule and the scientific and medical facts showing it is a health threat continue to be ignored by the powers in place to expand and continue the practice of fluoridation against public opinion.

Our Governments ,not only insisting, it is justified to continue this practice, but continues to ignore medical facts that the practice has no ethical or sound medical basis. To ensure the practise is continued laws have been changed that have in reality,  not served the public good and test the system with negative results to the freedom of our civil liberty confirmed, rather than restored.

On this issue we are faced with dictatorship from outside bodies who are not elected by any person in the land and are used by MPs to side step the issue and further erode our civil liberties.

We are then further insulted by this central government policy by vast sums of tax payers money being used to support and promote fluoridation programs, whilst primary care and affordable local dentists are unavailable in needy communities.

I beleive a public enquiry is overdue on this issue, by independant investigators as to its legality based on current medical facts and laws that do exist to protect each and every individuals right to refuse medication. Or intervetion based on a health benefit which has for decades, been in seriouse doubt and under question by millions of people world wide.

Court cases throughout certain european countries have resulted in findings that are ignored by our Governments over the decades ,it would seem that clear and correct judgments against the pro fluoridation groups resulting in closure of such programs in Europe are ignored in the UK.

I also beleive that the financial cost of these programs should be investigated as I beleive miss management of public funds has run on for decades. Based only on the"" sales pitch"" of a handful of powerful groups with vast public funding made to them to push foward this agenda, that is not  based on the real facts. But only sales promotions that do not reflect current medical findings or indeed medical findings well established decades ago.

I find it  a gross injustice to my civil liberty to have such bodies take such important decisions away from me. I do not beleive it is legal or can be justified. I ask for amediate restoration of my human rights and civil liberty


Why does this matter?

My idea to restore my freedom of choice and my civil liberty on the issue I raise here is my fundimental right to expect and to have my rights protected under law.

Not only has that right been removed from me in the UK ,I am forced into a position within a so called Democracy to ask for my rights to be re established under law.

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