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Welfare and European immigration

Comment 11th July 2010

I wasnt sure which category this should go in but it effects us all:

– Why is it that people from Europe can come into this country and start applying for welfare as soon as they step foot in the country? People should have similar critera to stay in this country as those from outside europe – No access to healthcare / welfare unless they have contributed to the system and not allowed to stay here unless they can prove they can provide for themselves or family over a 5 year period.

This would default the European free travel – and not cause britain to become a disability haven.

(I have first hand experience of people who are not fit to work in their home countries due to cardiac / mental health / physical disabilities who are willing to travel to the UK to claim welfare and be looked after for the rest of their years – now if thats not a drain on the system I dont know what is!)

Why does this matter?

– This country is in recession and is getting the welfare tag that is now spreading to cover the whole of europe and not just the UK.

– Immigration needs to be fair and when people are just coming here to live a better / free life without contributing it results in the UK looking like Eldorado to the poorer european nations while our own citizens become disillusioned.

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