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Comment 7th August 2010

Recent news paper stories have focused on the fact that none of the ideas currently put through on forums like this have been listened to by the government. IS THIS SITE AN ACCEPTABLE WASTE OF MONEY FOR LIP SERVICE ONLY

OK onto the rat killing?

Why has the government/DWP launched a consultation and whitepaper asking for comments on welfare reform and their proposals.  The current whitepaper is incomplete and glosses over a number of problems and in some respects ignores them. example jobseekers isn't the problem it is other benefits but the government is hell bent on extracting revenge on the easiest targets it doesn't matter that the THE BANKS are now getting huge bonuses. This government is hell bent on spinning their way through.

Listen to people and organisatiosn in particular the TUC whitepaper

This whitepaper clearly shows the governments tactics.

  • Lower the Minimum Wage
  • Use Slave labour/coercion of unemployed to break strikes
  • Ghettoisation of areas of the UK
  • Lower Living Standards
  • Increase involvement of 3rd Party providers which will errode privacy.
  • Slavery the order of the day next step workhouse and concentration camps


The compelling of Unemployed people to apply for jobs, thus increasing the sense of hoepless ness and increasing suicide risks.


The Passing on of personal details to third party providers to abolish your freedom, your privacy and your rights.








Why does this matter?

The government should stop it's mindless/senseless spin to force through changes that will affect everyone.  Example cutbacks to services will make trained and experienced people unemployed, These people could/WILL be fast tracked through the system to do EXACTLY THE SAME JOB for even less money. OR EVEN WORSE Be forced to work for 6 months on £65.00 for roughly £1.20 an hour the plot thickens bye bye minimum wage.


These so called third party providers will have you think that the company is doing you a favour but infact it is completely the opposite way around.  Stuides have proven WORKFARE/.COERCED LABOUR doesn't IMPROVE CHANCES of getting employed.  IN Some respects it harms and hinders.   IT Will also reduce the hiring of people into minimum wage jobs ? WHY WOULD YOU EMPLOY SOMEONE FOR MINIMUM WAGE when you can get a SLAVE from DWP and these providers. THE BUSINESS PAYS no Wage, the government pays £65.00 and other stuff including medical care, pension stamp etc. A GREAT ALL ROUND DEAL FOR BG BUSINESS. WHAT ABOUT THE INDIVIDUAL AND THEIR RIGHTS



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