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What is faith?

Comment 5th July 2010

Many of the comments submitted state that Atheism , Humanism, Secularism and Agnostism are 'faiths', this cannot be so. An atheist does not believe in a god, so does not have faith, an Agnostic does not know what to believe, so may have faith but probably doesn't.  Secularists and Humanists, recognise no belief system, so again they cannot have a faith.  Other faith communities, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh etc all believe in a divine being, this belief is made possible by an act of faith.

Having said all that, collective worship in schools that are not 'faith based' seems to be an idea that has had its day, however an assembly that allows time for reflection on the ethos of the school, and of the needs of its students and all of the peoples of the world seems to a very good idea.

Why does this matter?

Because by following the suggestions of a vociferous minority we risk of ' throwing out the baby with the bath water!'

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