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Wheel clamping should be made illegal

Comment 8th July 2010

Wheel clamping is evil and exploitative, whether undertaken on a public highway or on private property. It requires interference with one's personal property and prevents its free use. It could also be argued that it prolongs the offence in that a clamped car cannot be moved for at least an hour while awaiting removal of the clamp.  While I appreciate the need to deter illegal parking there are other, more civilised, ways of doing it.  Private property owners should use barriers, permits and keys to prevent illegal parking. The onus should be on them to protect their property as it is on me to protect my property from burglars etc. Public authorities should penalise through warnings and fines. In this electronic age it isn't difficult to hold details of persistent offenders in a database.

Why does this matter?

There is too much exploitation of motorists in this country. We need to chill out a little and focus on what really matters in respect of motoring eg people driving without insurance and tax, people driving under the influence of drink, speeding dangerously. Illegal parking pales into insignificance when compared to these other serious offences. It is no more than a money spinner. 

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