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Wheelie Bins

Comment 5th July 2010

Local councils should not have the right to store thier property (wheelie bins) on my land without renting the space they take up.

Why does this matter?

If local councils, or ultimately the government, are committed to having us separating our rubbish by the use of these ugly monstrocities, which blight the environment we are supposed to be saving, then they should pay me rent for the amount of space they use in my garden.

I don't want these bins – I am quite happy to continue putting out my rubbish in black bags. I still put my rubbish into the bin in black bags. The council collectors never wheel my bin to the vehicle, they open it and take out the bags.

I pay about £100 per month council tax – I think it would be reasonable to knock off, say, £20 per month for them to rent the space in my garden. Or let them make some other arrangement. I had no say in the matter. The wheelie bins were forced on us. 

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