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When do I really come of age?

Comment 2nd July 2010

I am not officially an adult until I reach 18 years of age. Yet I am expected to pay adult fares on all public transport, in my area I am expected to pay adult fares on buses from the age of 15!

My parents expect me to be independent so I earn my own money working in a local shop. Yet it costs more than an hours wage to get to the nearest town because at 16 I do not qualify for the adult minumum wage, even though I'm doing the same work as my adult colleagues.

Although I earn my own money I have no adult rights or privileges. There seems to be some inconsistency here.

So when am I actually an adult? 15, when I have to pay adult fares on buses? 16, when I have to pay adult fares on trains? 17, when I can drive? or is it 18, when I can finally earn an adult wage?

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because the inconsistencies mean that at no point do I get the best deal. It's ridiculous that someone should pay adult fares but not get an adult wage. When someone reaches 15 they have to pay for adult tickets in many cinemas, but they can't watch adult films!

Not only is it inconsistent, it's unfair. I think a change should be made, if I'm not an adult until I'm 18 then don't make me pay adult prices until I'm 18!

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