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Where has the “CANNABIS” Tag gone???

Comment 12th July 2010

There used to be a Tag entitled “Cannabis” located on the right hand side of the index page. It was useful as it directed thousands of people to the place where they felt most concern regarding current unethical and unlawful discriminative legislation towards innocent cannabis users.

Why does this matter?

Well, it’s more of an observation than an Idea but if we cannot trust the people in charge of this site to make it as accessible as possible and also to reflect public opinion in an unfettered and uncensored fashion then what on Earth is the pint of this site? It is INTOLLERABLE for the Cannabis Tag to be removed on the grounds that it was so popular! By removing the Tag you are simply attempting to silence the majority. Well WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED! We will continue to demand a change to the law whether or not you try subversive techniques to assuage the massive popularity of such ideas. How dare you remove it? It is an affront to the freedom this site was set up for and is digraceful. Just because the current government may not like what is being unanimously suggested doesn’t mean they should try and divert opinion. It is one of the single largest topics up for debate on this site and sweeping it under the fraying carpet won’t change the fact that MILLIONS of us want to see a change to the law regarding the use of cannabis. Whoever removed the Tag is a disgrace to democracy, freedom and liberty.

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