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Which Laws Have Been Passed?

Comment 16th July 2010

It is great asking which Laws should be repealed, but I am sure many people don't even know which Laws (and how many) have been passed and hence which should/could be repealed.

Therefore it would make sense to publish a directory of Laws that are in force, when they were passed and a summary of their intent and effect.  I am sure that can be achieved in this age of technology. This would be great for the citizen who can quickly look through basic information and be pointed to other areas for more detailed information if needed.

May even a good place to add information about Laws being considered and when they are due for review, debate, white paper, green paper (whatever colour it is) and date it is exoected in Parliament and voted upon.

Why does this matter?

This would go some way to provide a more transparent and open government.  The Cabinet works for Parliament (or should) and Parliament works for the citizens of the UK, so seeing what is being  discussed and voted at Parliament and in Cabinet is a fair request as it impacts everyones daily life!

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