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Why do we allow a really stupid Eurpean command to make our pensioners wait for two minutes in pouring rain and cold when all they want to do is cross the road?

Comment 12th July 2010

Our pedestrian lights, if set correctly, make a pedestrian wait a full two minutes because Europe says we must.

The result is we get wetter and colder than we needed to for absolutly no reason.  When I questioned a local highways official, he said it was necessary to let the traffic calm down before people cross -Europe says so, there is nothing he can do, it's the Law.

TOAL, ABSOLUTE, STUPID, NO-REASON NONSENSE!!  Any time you press the crossing request, the way the traffic is does not change, it's either coming or it's not!!

Why does this matter?

Please take tghis stupidity away, make the lights change immediately you press and klet people get across.  Make the red show for no mnore than 10 seconds, then go to yellow flashing so if a pedestrian pressed but already went, they are not held up longer than necessary but still give the pedestrian right of way if they do want to cross.

How much money are wasting holding people up? How much discomfort is the Government putting people through just because some idiot in Europe who is probably fiddeling his expenses says we should?

Thank you.

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