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Widen the criteria for Career Development Loans

Comment 6th July 2010

At the moment, the Personal & Career Development bank loan scheme does not fund several types of learning which would significantly improve borrowers' employment prospects. Could the regulations be amended to allow loans for driving lessons, and private tuition and entry fees for GCSE and A-Level resits as a private candidate?

Good exam grades and a driving licence are obviously useful investments, essential for very many jobs, but there is currently no financial support of any sort available. Private bank loans under the PCDL scheme would strike the right balance between helping the unskilled and making them responsible for their own future, at the very limited cost to taxpayers of a few months' interest at the start of each loan.

Why does this matter?

This change would allow people to invest in their own future, without creating a huge bill for taxpayers. Since the decision on a borrower's creditworthiness would remain with the bank issuing the loan, this change would simply remove red tape.

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