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Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 relating to Gulls

Comment 2nd July 2010


With the erosion of some cliff top habitats, some species of gulls are increasingly colonising urban areas, nesting on rooftops.  



it is illegal to capture, injure or destroy any bird or interfere with its nest or eggs. The penalties from disregarding the law can be severe.  I would ask that the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 relating to Gulls is repealed.

Why does this matter?

Gulls create nusiance from: noise, caused by calling gulls; mess, caused by their droppings, fouling washing, gardens and people;  damage to property, caused by gulls picking at roofing materials and by nests, which block gutters or hold moiture against the building structure; aggressive behaviour caused by their protective instincts towards their young, causing them to swoop and 'dive bomb' people and pets; blockage of gas flues, valley and parapet gutters by nesting materials.  The former can have serious consequences if gas fumes are prevented from venting properly, or if flooding occurs as a result of blocked gutters

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