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Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 should be amended or even abolished

Why does this matter?

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 should be reviewed because as it stands (unlike Scotland) there is no right to roam, you can't even take pictures of wild birds.

The National trust & RSPB has been left to run riot, snatching all the land up and stopping people from walking on land that is for everyone, they close beaches and public ways when they feel like it with no regard to people in general, there is a level of protection needed and in certain areas (at certain times) should be restricted because of rare flowers or birds nesting but the act has restricted every single thing, you even have to apply to take seagull eggs for food consumption which is the right to eat!! The National trust now owns more land along with the RSPB than public greenbelt areas, is it right for one group of people to buy up all the land and then impose sanctions on whether people can walk on it only if they pay to do so ? "Greed" comes to mind and the initial intentions of the act have disapeared and has been replaced with rules and regulations that now don't apply. They have tightened the regulations so much you can't even go the beach without having to walk around fenced off areas and are left with the lousy muddy areas where you can't sit down and enjoy the view.

Birds are being reintroduced at an alarming rate which in turn are decimating our countryside as is most weeds now being introduced and animals like wild boar and Beavers.

The species that have been lost to Britain in the last decades should stay lost it is a natural way as written down by Darwin, we interfere too much in the natural way of life, do gooders think they should stop all hunting because it's inhumane but do they stop to think of what happens when predator species get to large numbers? It gets out of hand as one family has to their cost found out when a fox attacked their twins.

The reintroduction of the hedgehog to Scottish isles was aprime example of interference and laws imposed when they decimated all the ground nesting birds, and then they culled the poor hedgehog which was a travesty in itself "take away the countryside act and let it be and if things disapear and are replaced then this is the natural "Darwin" theory , it is meant to be and should be left alone, species only go extinct because they are weak and something bigger and better will take their place, we can't save everything and shouldn't even try.

I think The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 is bias and is a burden on our resources, it is outdated and the countryside should be left alone for nature to manage and the old ways will prevail how it was and how it should be. "With the proper balance" on things

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