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withdraw from costly, corrupt EU dictatorship

Comment 9th July 2010

The EU is not a democracy. Van Rompuy, the EU ‘President’ is highly paid and yet noone voted for him. Lady Ashton was also not elected. These people have no mandate. The EU has no legitimacy.
Nobody in this country voted for the Lisbon treaty. Virtually nobody in the whole of Europe voted for it either. The Irish were bribed and threatened to say yes.
We should withdraw from this costly corrupt dictatorship and have a free trade agreement like that of Switzerland and Norway. We don’t need monetary and financial union to enable trade. The EU will still trade with the UK if we withdraw.
The TAX Payer’s Alliance has calculated that it costs the UK close to £100Billion per year to be a member of the EU. This includes the costs of excessive red tape, Common Agricultural Policy, Common Fisheries Policy and many more unnecessary laws.
The EU has just fined the UK £150million for not displaying the EU flag over projects which it helped ‘fund’. Considering we are a Net contributor, this is an insult. Recycled British taxes paid for these projects. Plus, the EU flag has no legitimacy, so why would we want to fly it?
Scrap the ECHR which stops terrorist like Abu Hamza from being deported to America. He’s a terrorist and is not British. He should face a 100 year  prison sentence. ECHR only appears to protect criminals with tax payer funded lawyers. This would save money.
Restore democracy to the British Parliament.

Why does this matter?

It’s called democracy

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