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Withdrawl From The European Union

Comment 6th July 2010

I demand that the people of the United Kingdom be given a referendum .

The question will be

'Do we stay in Europe or Do we get out of Europe'


A Simple Yes or NO

Why does this matter?

I am 40 years old.My parents voted to go into Europe for TRADE ALONE.

Since then we have been lied to by all parties, we give the Europeans £45m a day.

I demand/dare  that the politicians to give us a referendum on withdrawing from Europe.

This would cut the massive debt even more quickly.

I bet Cleggie and all the pro European luvvies would not even touch this idea-Because they know the would lose it.


We do not need Europe, Europe needs us.Its time to stick two fingers up at them and take control of OUR country again.

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