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Withold EU contribution until Auditors pass the EU accounts

Comment 9th July 2010

Withhold EU contribution until Auditors pass the EU accounts

The UK should withhold 20% of our contributions to the EU until the auditors for the EU sign off the bloc's financial accounts.

As of  10 November 2009

Today, the EU's accountants – the European Court of Auditors (ECA) – have published their annual report on the EU’s budget. The ECA has refused to give the EU’s accounts a clean bill of health for the 15th year in a row, owing to fraud and mismanagement in the budget.

Examples of EU spending  of around 2 billion Euros. Do you think we should be supporting such schemes?

€173,274 in EU funds were given to the luxury golf resort, Monte da Quinta Club, in the Algarve, Portugal,

€2,500 for Chairman of Porsche’s hunting retreat
Wolfgang Porsche, supervisory board Chairman of Porsche, received €2,500 in EU rural development funds for a small estate in Bavaria, Germany, where he goes hunting in his free time

€100,000 for a luxury Spanish hotel chain

€99,877 in EU funds for 2009 alone were granted to Tils Curt, a chain of luxury restaurants and hotels across Spain, established in 1880. The funds were given as part of the Regional Development Fund.

€80,000 for a Swedish ‘virtual city’ in Second Life

In early 2008, Sweden’s third largest city, Malmo, was given an EU grant worth 800,000 Swedish kronor (€80,000), to create a virtual version of itself in “Second Life” ­- a virtual fantasy world inhabited by computer-generated residents

€850,000 for a ‘gender equal’ wood design centre

Local politicians in Orsa, a village of 5,000 inhabitants in Sweden, wanted a new wood ‘design centre’, describing the idea as “a catalyst and meeting place for all creative activities”. The project description stressed that “the building would clearly display a gender equality design.”

€400,000 on a Marathon for a United Europe

In September 2008 the EU spent €400,000[8] on a “Marathon for a United Europe” for young people from across the EU.

The Swedish cannabis farmer

A Swedish farmer received around 2,000 kronor (€200) in subsides from the EU for land on which he grew cannabis plants.

€400,000 to get children drawing portraits of each other in the name of European citizenship

€198,500 for EU puppet theatre network in the Baltics

Why does this matter?

The EU must be forced to be financially prudent so public money is not wasted.

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