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work place stalinism and de-personalisation

Comment 21st July 2010

Why is it okay for the PM to have pictures of his children and their work on his desk at work whilst for thousands of us in the Civil Service (specifically the MoD) we are now being banned from having anything personal on our desks/work area.

Why does this matter?

Given how long we spend at work this de-humanisation of our environment is un-natural and is not conducive to good working. It actually reduces efficiency and also results in staffing working less well together. It should be a basic right and respected that individuals should be able to have some items, such as pictures of family on their desk. After all if Mr Cameron wants a big society, this only happens if we all work together and share common issues and concerns, de-personalisation goes is diametrically opposite to this and harks back to New Labour stalinist state control

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