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would you consider legalising all drugs?

Comment 23rd July 2010

the main reason for this is we've been trying for decades to stamp drugs out but we've never been able to do it.  We must, as a nation spend millions trying to combat this scurge and yet it continues.  I believe that when you make something like drugs illegal, it makes a certain percentage want them even more.  When drugs are illegal they are going to be controlled by a black, unregulated market. Further to this, the people that sell drugs have no compassion for the people they are infecting.


If you legalise them, you can control the price and the quality of the drugs and make sure that people don't inject themselves with rat poison.  Also in doing so the subject becomes a proper topic of conversation that people can talk openly and freely about and so proper information can get out into the population similar to the way that smoking and alcoho has. There are a huge percentage of individuals who take drugs week in week out and tehy just grow out of it but then you get the impressionabel ones whi ahve to go to unscrupulous dealers who take it all too far. Make it legal, get people talking abuot it, tax it, give the peopel what they want and they'll not want it any more!

Why does this matter?

Because it reduces cost, increases revenues and protects the innocent and impressionable.

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