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Wrongly accused of a parking offence? you should be compensated

1 Comment 11th August 2010

I recently spent months fighting a congestion penalty charge,i won,t go into to much detail but after lots of letters going back and forth (they don,t use email) they reluctantly  admited they may have got it wrong and cancelled the charge  needless to say  i recieved no apology.It caused me much stress thinking all this may end up in the courts,  I think they should compensate me for getting it wrong,they should pay me the charge that they asked me for in the first place, if this was common practise then councils and such like would be more careful when handing out tickets,knowing if they got it wrong it would cost them. 



Why does this matter?

This is a good and fair idea because to many people just pay up for a quiet life even if they think no offence may have been commited.

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One Response to Wrongly accused of a parking offence? you should be compensated

  1. john ibbertson says:

    I agree with the above person,i am fighting now to prove my innocence and getting knowhere,iwas not even in this vicinity as I was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer,and now theeast riding council have sent me a CHARGE CERTIFICATE with an extra £25 charge but why should I pay when INNOCENT.john ibbertson

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