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You can steal from a dying relatives bank account and the police won’t get involved!!!

Comment 6th July 2010

To change the law because at the moment a relative can steal from a dying man's bank account, watch his life slipping away and make transation after transaction and even though proof, bank statements, dates of admission to hospital etc are supplied to the police, they choose not to look at them and send you on your way. How is this justice? Thousands of pounds can be withdrawn. You can also ransack their house whilst they are dying in hospital, force locks on cash tins and empty cash tins. You can take thousands. The police call it a civil matter so won't get involved. How do I know? It happened at Hartlepool Police Station on Monday. I have made an official complaint. The man that this happened too was my granda. Where is his justice?

Why does this matter?

Surely a thief is a thief. Member of the public or family member?

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