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Youth Service

Comment 19th July 2010

Statutory youth services are expensive and often ineffective. Most work with only a very small percentage of the young people population. Whilst the voluntary, community and faith groups work with very high numbers and often  have a far greater impact. Youth Services should be reformed to provide support and resource to the VCS and stop direct front line delivery. Facilities that exist could be managed by the voluntary sector with the statutory youth service responsible for ensuring standards are maintained through monitoring and review. Statutory youth workers would be responsible for supporting the VCS  through training  and access to resources, policy and CRBs. VCS groups could receive grants and contracts to deliver services more cost effectively than the council run youth services. There is no reason why Positive activities programmes could not be contracted to the VCS with much less bureaucracy and better value for money. Information and Guidance was a voluntary sector initiative which was taken over by Connexions services at significant cost. It was on the whole delivered ineffectively as it was restricted to 14- 19 age range. This should now be scraped and contracted from the VCS who could provide this at a much lower cost and to many more young people across a wider age range.

Why does this matter?

Save money. Reduce waste. Provide better services!

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