100Mb broadband connections minimum to all homes, this will allow new business opportunities encouraging economy growth.

Why is this idea important?

  1. This will reduce need for office space, more home workers. Then offices can be turned into housing also reducing CO2 as offices will not need to be heated / lighted.
  2. Stop the requirement for using green field sites for new houses as large supply of brown field.
  3. Reduce traffic which will reduce congestion and again CO2
  4. Allow people to have better work life balance as more time at home not commuting, which will improve family units / allow more people to pursue other activities such as exercise reduce NHS bill as people lose weight, more volunteers available for after school activities keeping children busy so less likely to get ASBO become more part of the community.
  5. Better access to information and services NHS could be initially consulted on line video conferencing also reducing costs for these services again home workers.
  6. Allow people to work for international companies and pay UK taxes as allowing home workers reducing air travel.

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