Give the public the right to buy 100 watt incandescent electric light bulbs. These have been banned by the EU in favour of fluourscents, but give a poor quality light. This causes eye strain, may lead to permanent eye damage, and some people compensate by turning on multiple lights or using secondary tungsten spot lights – this can increase electricity consumption.

The young need good lights for homework.

The elderly and middle aged often have some occular degradation, and require a sharp bright light to read small print on cooking instructions, medicines, etc.

By all means discourage use of high wattage bulbs – add a £1 environment tax – but don't outlaw them.

Why is this idea important?

Fluourescent bulbs give a cold grey light that lacks definition. The deficient spectrum means that colours are not percieved correctly. Combine this with the lack of definition and it becomes uncomfortable and difficult to read. Long term eye damage can occur. Homework becomes even more upleasant. Working at home is discouraged, ehen it should be encouraged.

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