Before I start I would like to mention, California amongst other states are trying to pass a bill in December to decriminalise cannabis, if it passes we can look on to how it affects crime rates etc. and if it works well there we can assess how it would work in the U.K. 

1. Prohibition is NOT working, whether you like it or not Cannabis is Readily available, and the amount of smokers is Rising. Ignoring the 'problem' Will not make it go Away. 

2. We're in recession, Millions of pounds are Spent on weed, instead of 'Funding Terrorism' this money could go to a lot of causes. 

3. Regulation and a full understanding of the 'problem', is better than giving the power to Dealers and letting it spiral out of control .

4.When you get to about 12, you can get hold of cannabis more easily than Alcahol, I've got nothing against smoking weed, but children that young Shouldn't, Legalisation is the only way 2 regulate it.

5. People smoking Weed are not criminals, and are being sent to prison for using a Drug which Does not harm anyone but the User. Sending a medicinal user to prison is a crime in itself ! Many who go to prison come back out more hardened criminals, with a criminal record therefore find it hard to get a Job, so turn to crime. Its a pointless cycle !

6. If 1 in 10 'Cannabis Criminals' were treated instead of sent to prison, we would Save 40 Million Pounds a year !! 

7. Police should be concentrating on murderers, Rapists, and Paedophiles not persecuting innocent people for getting High. 

8. It has MANY medicinal purposes e.g for people with Multiple sclerosis, with far less side affects than the Legal and Artificial alternatives. 

9. We have one of the strictest attitudes towards cannabis in Europe, but have the HIGHEST user Rating…

10. Reducing over crowding in jail. These people have done as much wrong as Someone drinking a beer. Which is Scientifically proven to be more Dangerous mentally and physically , And were Alcahol to to be discovered today be Class A. 

11. I want a Drugs system Based on Fact, NOT a Political Agenda. 

12. I'd Rather have a population High and Silent than Drunk and Violent. 

13. People Can smoke, and still live very normal lives, its the equivalent to going to the pub after work. 

14. The Drugs Council Itself Disagree's with the Classification, its time for a Change. 

15. CBD (a chemical in cannabis) combats Schizophrenia, and other elements combat Cancer.

16. Hemp is an extremely useful Product. 

17. Everyone i Know who Chooses Not to smoke does so because they don't like getting High, Not because its ilegal !


18. Its only a gateway drugs because its illegal, you therefore are introduced to people trying to get you onto something harder. 99.99% of people try alcohol first thus LOGICALLY it is this which is the gateway drug !

Why is this idea important?

I believe my idea to be important for many reasons. First of all I believe putting ill people in prison for using cannabis is a crime in itself. Second of all it is something which does not harm other people from use, and prevents violence. I for one am sick and tired of double standards when it comes to drugs, and the other non-drug drugs e.g Alcohol.  The majority of problems associated with cannabis come from prohibition, you are forcing ordinary people into becoming criminals, look at the prohibition of alcohol in America, normal people would go to speak easys to drink, we need to stop this madness !

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