It is estimated that there will still be 20 million vehicles that will not have any form of DAB radio by 2015 and although the Culture Minster Ed Vaizey has put off the shutdown of the FM transmitters until at least 50% of listening is digital, and when national DAB coverage is comparable to FM. While locl DAB coverage must reach 90% of the population and all major roads.

This is all very fine in theory but total coverage of DAB signals will never match those of FM and there is still the problem of of tramsmitting traffic information – currently transmitted within the FM singnals of Classic FM.

There are now many thousans of vehicles now fitted with built in traffic information devices and many more portable GPS units that also rely on these signals!

I would suggest that 2020 might still be too early to swich entirely to digital radio for both car and home users.


the industry might require an early change, but the industry as a whole have been very slow to move on digita, especially the car industry.


Keep FM going as long as possible – the quaility is far better and the coverage and availability is far in excess of DAB – Nick Ward, Bedford

Why is this idea important?

The manufacturing indusrty is not geared for mobile DAB – DAB is difficult to receive un-interupted on the move and most people have FM & DAB at home and in the car and not not all that interested in the change to digital.

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